Terms & Conditions

Thank you for visiting the Liat Azar shop. All shop clothes and accessories are handmade in my studio in Jaffa. Please contact me if you have any queries. I would love to hear from you. You are my customer and as such you are very dear to me. I want to enjoy not only my clothes but also the experience of shopping with at my shop. For me, they all go hand in hand!

The following terms and conditions govern our relationship.

Your access to the Liat Azar shop constitutes an agreement between you and Liat Azar to the following terms and conditions:

  1. Liat Azar is the owner of all intellectual property and other rights in and to the Liat Azar shop, trademark and its content. You may not use the Liat Azar intellectual property and other rights without the written permission of Liat Azar.
  2. If you desire to purchase any Liat Azar products, you can do this via the Liat Azar website.
  3. Before purchase of any Liat Azar products, please read these terms of use as they are binding on you.
  4. You can make payment for any Liat Azar products you wish to purchase via Paypal. We will only accept orders after payment via PayPal has been transacted.
  5. Once you have paid for the Liat Azar products purchased by you, you will be sent via EMS the purchased products within 3 weeks from the date of payment to the address provided by you in your order. You are responsible for any VAT and/or custom fees/taxes that may be applicable in your country.
  6. We insure all purchased products whilst in transit. This is factored into the product price. We are not responsible for lost packages but we will reimburse you for sums paid by you for purchased products from any sums we receive in this respect from the postal insurance.
  7. We do not warrant that the postal service or the Liat Azar website will be uninterrupted or trouble free.
  8. Please select the product you wish to purchase carefully before making a purchase as all sales are considered final. In this respect, please read all relevant information and contact me with any queries you may have. I will happily send you more pictures and information if need be.
  9. Given that some of the Liat Azar products are handmade and one-of-a-kind, it is likely that no one product will be identical to the other. It may therefore happen that a product in a particular picture posted on the Liat Azar website will be different than the one you actually receive. In situations where you are unsure, I will gladly send you pictures via e-mail of the actual product you are purchasing. This will help to alleviate any uncertainty on your part. We on part believe that each product is beautiful and special in its own right J.
  10. In some cases I may ask you to give me your general measurements. This may help me to make if required. If you are going to measure yourself, please do so with your undergarments on (and not full clothing), whilst using a dressmakers tape measure.
  11. We will not be responsible for any loss or damage caused to you and you will refrain from making any such claims against us at any time.
  12. Liat Azar is not responsible if the Liat Azar shop, its content and/or Liat Azar products do not fit your purpose.
  13. We reserve the right at our sole discretion to refuse service and/or to terminate our services at any time.
  14. We reserve our right to amend these terms at any time.
  15. We respect your privacy. Please read our Privacy Policy which is incorporated into this agreement.
  16. For any queries concerning these terms of use please contact us: liat@liatazar.com